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Please complete the following Intake paperwork and bring it to your first session.

What to expect at your first therapy session: 

Starting therapy, whether it's for the first time or involves meeting a new therapist, can understandably cause some nervousness and anticipation. For that reason, I like to give new clients an idea about what to expect. Sessions are 50-60 minutes in length and the cost per session is $120. I do accept some forms of insurance, so please be sure to communicate with me prior to the first session if you would like to use insurance.

When you arrive, you will see light switches directly inside the door to the right. Please push the switch with my name by it to alert me that you have arrived and make yourself comfortable in the waiting area.

Initially, we will go over some paperwork and I will explain the process of therapy, informed consent, privacy practices, etc. If you've been in therapy before this will likely be familiar, and if not, it's typically rather straight-forward and brief to review and provide signatures. 
We will spend the rest of the first (intake) session discussing what brings you in, your brief life history as it applies to your current concerns, any previous therapy or treatment, and what your specific hopes are for therapy. Together, we will develop a treatment plan to outline what your goals are and talk about steps we will take together to move towards these goals. 

If you are a parent/caregiver bringing your child, I like to offer to meet with the child individually at the intake if he/she is comfortable in doing so. If you think your child may be apprehensive about this, it may be helpful to talk with him/her about this choice before the intake session. It is completely up to him/her! 

And, as always, if you have any questions prior to the intake session, please let me know. 

I look forward to meeting you! 


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